Magic SMS provides Template Based Transactional SMS with Instant Delivery. Messages can be sent 24/7 from your own 6-character Sender ID.

Transactional SMS can only be used for sending Information SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your all Numbers including DND Number of your registered Customers. Transactional SMS use to Send information by Bank, Financial Institution, Insurance Company, Credit Card Company to their Registered Customers.Indian Railway, All Indian Airlines or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.

Education Institutes, Schools & Colleges can use this sms to send information about Students to Parents.Most other Enterprise use transactional sms to Send rates, Order No., quantity, Payment Reminder, Amount, Due Dates, meeting information, adress & More purpose

Features of Transactional SMS :

Send SMS with Campany, Business or Brand Name (MD-MGCSMS)

Quick Template Approval (Max.30 Minutes)

Delivery on DND Numbers

Direct Connectivity with the all leading Operators

SMS Attachemts- New

24/7 Delivery & Quick Reports

Unlimited Templates

Ready to Use HTTP, XML APIs

Multiple SMS Gateways

URL Tracking

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